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Project CaNE Electronic Record Keeping Tool and Fertiliser Rate & Price Comparison Tool

Posted by Ellie McVeigh

This year along with a CaNE Plan, Project CaNE growers will have the opportunity to utilise both an Electronic Record Keeping Tool and a Fertiliser Rate & Price Comparison Tool.  

The project team hope that by providing an electronic alternative to traditional record keeping, it will allow for convenient, digital recording of applications for growers.

Additionally, Project CaNE staff developed the Fertiliser Rate & Price Comparison Tool to allow growers to make informed choices, considering the current high price of fertiliser. This tool will allow growers to compare product N, P, K and S, against dollars.

For further information about either of the tools, contact a member of the Project CaNE team (Adam Royle or Graeme Holzberger) on (07) 4776 1808.


Posted by Sandra Coco

Dear Growers,

HCPSL is offering growers the opportunity to undertake early CCS sampling of commercial cane fields for 2022.

Growers will need to undertake the following:

Growers will need to drop the CCS sample in the trailer located in the HCPSL/SRA Herbert car park by 8am on the following dates:

Late samples will not be processed.

HCPSL will contact the grower once the samples have been processed and CCS figures determined. (Please keep in mind these are to be used for guidance only as they are calculated  on assumed fibre figures).

CULTIVATE FARMS – Cultivator Investment Ready Program

Posted by Ellie McVeigh

Our friends at Cultivate Farms are changing the game for farmers ready to realise their farm ownership dreams. 

Now open for applications, the Cultivator Investment ready program gets farmers ownership and farm investment-ready. Participants will be resourced and coached to produce a farm pitch, with a financial modelling, a three-minute summary pitch video and the opportunity to pitch to the Cultivate Farm investor panel. 

Applications close 28 of April & for more information, visit

Cultivate farms aspiring farming family

Navua Sedge Weed Research

Posted by Ellie McVeigh

HCPSL is working with the Queensland Government Dept of Agriculture & Fisheries to Estimate the economic cost of Navua sedge to the cane industry. The Herbert cane industry is now seeing first hand the impact of Nauva sedge to sugarcane farming land on the northern side of Ingham. The research team has contacted HCPSL to seek assistance to undertake this survey and we are jointly investigating management options for cane production systems .

Please take the time to complete the questionnaire below and forward to who is undertaking the economic assessment.

If you require assistance to complete the form please contact the HCPSL office.

We look forward to your assistance in better managing this aggressive weed.