Project CaNE™

Project CaNE 2022 Expressions of Interest now OPEN!

Project CaNE™ is offering growers the opportunity to develop a whole farm nutrient CaNE Plan™. Based on Six Easy Steps, CaNE Plan™ is an easy to use, paper-based nutrient management and record keeping tool that is reef regulation compliant and can be used towards BMP accreditation.

Free to eligible growers, Project CaNE™ agronomists are looking for growers who are yet to develop a nutrient management plan.

Growers interested in a CaNE Plan™ should contact HCPSL on 47761808 or email Project CaNE™ Team Leader, Adam Royle

For additional information, see the Info Sheets below.

Project CaNE™ project will work with farmers to drive productivity, financial, and environmental outcomes for their individual farm.

Technical support. Herbert farmers involved with the project will have access to trained agronomists from HCPSL to assist them with nutrient management strategies and all other agronomic aspects of their farming business.

Financial viability is critical to any farming business. The Department of Agriculture Economics staff will be available to assist project farmers compare new practices to see if they viable on their farm before a farmer fully implements a new farming practice.

Farmers in the project will also have the opportunity monitor and assess water leaving their farms through in stream sensors which feeds data back to their phone or computer. This monitoring will give farmers the opportunity to identify issues of concern and be proactive in addressing problems as they arise. TropWater will assist farmers collect data and assist them interpret the information they receive.

Info Sheets

Project CaNE™ is funded by the partnership between the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.