GPS Base Stations

NameLocationStatusChannel #Frequency MHZActivity
J. Irvin shedWarrens Hill RoadBase (BMS Lasersat)0465.2750Operational
V. Russo shedTrebonneRepeater (BMS Lasersat)0465.2750Operational
Zatta’s HillAbergowrieBase (Russo and Vella)1465.3750Operational
R. Lyon shedKandeerRepeater (Russo and Vella)1455.3750Operational after June 2021
G. ZattaMt AbswoldBase2462.8000Operational
R. Pace shedBambarooRepeater2452.8000Operational
Pace shedMutarneeBase3464.3500Operational
Castallani shedAbergowrieBase4464.9000Operational
W. & J.Russo shedAbergowrieRepeater4454.9000Operational
Carey shedDalrympleRepeater4454.9000Operational
G. Accornero shedForesthomeBase5463.0750May cease operation January 2022
Guy shedBogotto’s HillBase6463.6750Operational
Lyons shedTop of StoneRepeater6453.6750Operational
S. Patane shedLannercostRepeater6453.6750Operational
Warren’s HillWarren’s HillBase7466.1000Operational after April 2021
Water TowerHalifaxRepeater7456.1000Operational after April 2021
N. ReidPinnacle HillBase8464.8500Operational
M. Pappin shedPappin’s RoadRepeater8454.8500Operational

GPS Base station Issues

In the event of a GPS issue the following procedure is to be followed:

  1. If a grower has a tractor or harvester GPS issue they are to call the GPS supplier direct.
  2. If a grower in consultation with the GPS supplier believes that the issue is a base station issue they are to call one of the following people:
    1. Lawrence Di Bella (HCPSL Manager) – 0448 084 52
    2. Brendan Vella (Owner manager of Russo and Vella Machinery) – 0488 760 347
    3. Richard Hobbs (HCPSL Extension Agronomist) only call if you can not get Brendan or Lawrence- 0400 544 301
  3. If the grower is found not to follow this procedure and HCPSL deploys Russo and Vella Machinery staff to check a base station and it is found that the issue is a tractor or harvester GPS issue, the grower will receive an invoice from HCPSL for the costs incurred.

Any other issues concerning the HCPSL GPS basestation network please call Lawrence Di Bella.