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Nitrogen stabilizer paper ncsfc 2011 goos p5
(R. Jay Goos, Department of Soil Science, School of Natural Resource Sciences
North Dakota State University)

Nitrogen Use Efficiency Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers Review
(D. Chen, H. Suter, A. Islam, R. Edis, J. R. Freney, and C. N. Walker : School of Resource Management, Faculty of Land and Food Resources, The University of Melbourne)

Potato Agrocote reduced N leaching
(Jeff E. Pack, Chad M. Hutchinson, and Eric H. Simonne : Horticultural Sciences Department, University of Florida)

Rose nitrification inhibitors 2018
(Terry J. Rose, Rachel H. Wood, Michael T. Rose, Lukas Van Zwieten : Southern Cross Plant Science, Southern Cross University)

Allen et al sugarcane N2O 2010
(D.E. Allen, G. Kingston, H. Rennenberg, R.C. Dalal, S. Schmidt : University of Queensland)

ASSCT2012 paper_Wang et al pub
(WJ WANG, B SALTER, SH REEVES, TC BRIEFFIES, J PERNA, Department of Environment and Resource Management, Dutton Park)

International Sugar Journal Di Bella 1
(Lawrence Di Bella – HCPSL)

International Sugar Journal Di Bella 2
(Lawrence Di Bella – HCPSL)

DMPP nitrification 2018
(Philipp A. Nauera, Benedikt J. Fest, Luke Visser, Stefan K. Arndt : School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences, The University of Melbourne)

Nitrogen Natters_Edition 6_July 2018