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Posted by Rod Neilson

The RSD workshop is developed for Herbert region growers and planting contractors.
The purpose is to provide growers and local industry with information on RSD including:

SEED INSPECTIONS: Call to arrange your seed inspection now

Posted by Ellie McVeigh

Think about getting your seed inspections done now and which blocks you may use this year.

Inspection of grower seed blocks for planting by HCPSL has commenced again this year.

Once again, HCPSL will be using the new qPCR method to check cane for RSD. The qPCR method uses DNA diagnostic technology to diagnose the presence or not of the RSD bacteria. This method is much more accurate than older methods, but more expensive to operate.

It is currently costing HCPSL over $40/sample to undertake the test, so we are requesting that growers only test blocks they intend to use as planting material this year. HCPSL will be capping growers to 1 sample per 20 hectares under cane, so only target the varieties you intend to use for planting this year. Growers who wish to test more than their allocated cap will be required to meet the cost of the extra qPCR test and it will only be undertaken once all growers seed inspections are completed.
The cap on the number of samples has also been imposed because of the very high demand for the service and to allow HCPSL to get across more farms throughout the district.

The turnaround time from taking the sample to receiving your results can be up to 2 weeks, so we urge growers to contact the HCPSL office ASAP on 47761808 to book in your tests.

If you have any questions concerning the test or RSD management, please contact your HCPSL Extension Agronomist.

Date issued 18/3/2022

What are Controlled-Release Fertilisers?

Posted by Ellie McVeigh

Recently, the Soil Science Society of America Journal published an article on controlled-release fertilisers. If you’re interested in finding out more about controlled-release fertilisers, view the article via the link below.

HCPSL Walk & Talk 2022

Posted by Ellie McVeigh

On the 9th of March, HCPSL held the annual Walk & Talk Day for 2022. Over 120 growers from across the Herbert district attended the event. Growers had the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding on a range of topics including – fallow crops, new varieties, tissue culture, chemicals, and harvester management.

The HCPSL Team would like to say thank you to all growers who attended, asked questions, shared experiences, and participated in open discussions throughout the day.

HCPSL would also like to extend our thanks to the sponsors and supporting organisations of the 2022 Walk & Talk Day – Sugar Research Australia, Stoller, Nufarm, Project CaNE, Project Catalyst, The Australian Government Reef Trust, GBRF, John Deere and Norris.

Following the Walk & Talk, HCPSL held the annual Industry Awards. The awards recognise grower’s commitment to productivity, innovation, research, and the boarder industry. HCPSL is proud to announce the award recipients below.

Walk and Talk 2022

Herbert Industry Awards

Extension Agronomist Position here at HCPSL

Posted by Sandra Coco

Reports to: The HCPSL Manager, with guidance from the HCPSL Technical Services Team Leader.
Position Purpose
• The Extension Agronomist delivers training and extension to sugarcane farmers in the Herbert area.
• Training and extension delivery focus will be on sugarcane farming systems, crop nutrition, crop agronomy, pest and disease management, farming practices and improvements that address farm productivity and profitability, while minimising environmental impacts. Extension will be through various
extension methodologies.
• The Extension Agronomist will work with growers and other industry stakeholders to gain adoption of priority practices addressing farm
productivity and profitability and downstream water quality.

HCPSL Laser Levelling Contractors Meeting

Posted by Ellie McVeigh

Invitation to Herbert Laser Levelling Contractors

To discuss the future of the HCPSL Laser Levelling service.

Date: Wednesday 16th March 2022.

Time: 1pm to 2pm.

Location: HCPSL Office, 181 Fairford Road Ingham.

RSVP: To Lawrence Di Bella via

For further information, view the invitation below.