Spray Drones Added To Growers’ Management Toolkit

Recently, Rod Nielson from the HCPSL team captured these great photos of a spray drone in action!

The spray drone was used in fallow at the HCPSL Stone River seed plot to target volunteer cane. The seed plot site received over 1000mm since the beginning of January, hence the HCPSL team have been unable to access the block with a tractor to carrying out spraying.

Spray Drone being used at the Stone River seed plot.

Due to the paddock conditions, size of the fallow area (<6ha) and the proximity to buildings, using a spray drone was a warranted management decision. The spray application was carried out by contractor, TravEarth Drone Services with a DJIAgras T20 with a 20Lt tank.

Utilizing this technology under appropriate circumstances, is a way Herbert growers can add another management tool to their ‘toolkit’.

If you’d like to learn more about drones or how they could assist management your farm, contact the team at HCPSL on (07) 4776 1808.