REMINDER GROWERS: Wilmar Data Consent Changes

If you wish to do so, please take the time to actively Opt IN to provide HCPSL with your mill data.

What are some of the activities that HCPSL uses grower data for?

  • Enable farm productivity analysis studies.
  • Access grower farm maps to enable HCPSL to undertake activities like RSD testing.
  • Access grower farm maps to enable biosecurity activities to occur during pest and disease incursions.
  • Allow HCPSL to maintain permits for industry to rat bait.
  • Attract funding to maintain the Hinchinbrook Community Feral Pig Management Program.
  • Support the industry in times of natural disasters.
  • Attract funding to maintain and operate extension services required by industry.
  • Defend the industries right to farm.

The Opt In is voluntary and at any time you can Opt Out if you wish to do so.

To allow HCPSL access to your data, visit the Wilmar grower portal and ‘TICK’ the HCPSL option under ‘Consent Given’.

If you require assistance using the online portal, visit the HCPSL office. Further information can be found via the HCPSL website: