Recognising staff for their service

Throughout the year, many of the HCPSL staff team reached remarkable milestones in terms of years of service.

With many staff serving the local industry for the past decade and beyond, the team would like to recognize the following individuals for their valuable work in the Herbert and broader sugar industry.

  • Tony McClintock – 46 years with HCPSL and in the Industry
  • Sue Beccaris – 28 years with HCPSL – 39 years in the Industry
  • Sandra Coco – 16 years with HCPSL – 22 years in the Industry
  • Graeme Holzberger – 15 years with HCPSL – 22 years in the Industry
  • Lawrence Di Bella – 11 years with HCPSL -32 years in the Industry
  • Adam Royle – 10 years with HCPSL – 23 years in the Industry
  • Melissa Royle – 10 years with HCPSL – 17 years in the Industry

To acknowledge the past and ongoing efforts of HCPSL staff members, the team has compiled some images from the archives! Through the work of committed staff and passionate Herbert growers HCPSL is proud of the many advances made by our local industry.