The Wet Tropics Sugar Industry Partnership (WTSIP) was formed to provide industry-led extension and training to growers in the Wet Tropics region. Its 17 partners include industry bodies, productivity services (inc. HCPSL), sugar research, millers, natural resource management and government organisations. This is the first time in Australia that all the major players in an industry have joined together to deliver projects for the benefit of growers.

WTSIP currently has oversight of the delivery of the Australia Government’s Reef Trust Phase III and Phase IV (repeated Tenders) projects in the Wet Tropics.

Its team of extension officers are based within partner organisation to ensure access to wider extension networks. In the Herbert River district, WTSIP’s extension officers Jarrod SartorLeanne Carr and Meghan Zahmel are based in HCPSL. They are currently working one-on-one with growers to develop nutrient management plans.

WTSIP Grower Update March 2020

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