Beyond the Block

Best Management Practice (BMP) guidelines (e.g. Smartcane BMP, Banana BMP, Hort 360) focus primarily on practices within the production footprint that will result in a reduction of sediment, nutrients and/or pesticides entering local waterways.

This fact sheet series focuses specifically on water quality initiatives that can be done on the “edge of block” to further improve the quality of water leaving the farm. These edge of block initiatives complement, but do not replace the need for within-block BMP. Adoption of BMP is ideally undertaken before or in conjunction with edge of block initiatives within a farming system, as such, BMP should be considered before or in conjunction with any edge of block initiatives within a farming system. This fact sheet series aims to provide a concise step by step guide for extension and NRM staff to help identify edge of block opportunities, with more detailed information on specific edge of block initiatives available on WetlandInfo ( and search treatment systems or wetland rehabilitation.

Fact Sheets

Case Studies