Photo above: Rat baiting of sugarcane with a drone in the Herbert 2022.

HCPSL was notified by CANEGROWERS on the 1st of December 2022 that the Permit to Allow minor use of a registered Agvet Chemical Product for the control of Australian Native Ground rats in lodged sugarcane crops has been granted (permit number PER92695) on the 30/11/2022. The permit is valid for the period 30 November 2022- 30 November 2027. It allows aerial application of RATOFF sachets into lodged cane from a helicopter or drone.

There are now 2 permits in place for rat management that have been approved in the last 2 months:

  • Damage Mitigation Permit (permit number WA0047339)- held by HCPSL for ground baiting applications.
  • APVMA permit (PER92695)- held by CANEGROWERS for the use of Ratoff® via helicopter or drone.

Conditions under the APVMA permit:

  • Use must be in accordance with conditions of a Damage Mitigation Permit issued by the Queensland Department of Environment and Science.
  • The Permit Holder (Canegrowers) will need to advise the APVMA each year of the total area of cane crops treated via aerial application methods.
  • Accurate records of baiting activities must be recorded in the return of operations form, which HCPSL will compile on behalf of the Herbert industry. Cane farmers will need to notify HCPSL when rat baiting has occurred, estimated cane losses, and estimated number of rats taken. HCPSL will be reporting areas treated to CANEGROWERS to meet the various permit reporting requirements to DES and APVMA accordingly.

The HCPSL Company Manager would like to thank Mick Quirk (CANEGROWERS) who coordinated the permit submission documentation and meeting with key governmental staff concerning this matter.

For more information concerning the permit, please contact: Lawrence Di Bella- HCPSL Company Manager on 0448084252.

Photo above: Helicopter rat baiting in the Herbert region 2022.

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