Management of HCPSL Clean Seed Plots


Management of HCPSL Clean Seed Plots

HCPSL and QCAR recently announced they will be working together as a part of
HCPSL’s ongoing commitment to deliver clean seed cane material to our members. Since
that announcement there have been concerns that HCPSL may be handing over the
management of our approved seed plots to QCAR, or another third party.

As HCPSL manager, I would like to categorically say to all of our members that this is
not and will not be the case. HCPSL remains committed to coordinating, managing and
delivering the best possible clean seed distribution service we can.

Why is HCPSL partnering with a third party?

HCPSL has always partnered with third parties. The majority of our clean seed
distribution plots are delivered through partnerships between HCPSL and host grower.
HCPSL sees our partnership with QCAR as being no different.

What has changed for HCPSL?
Not that long ago HCPSL managed a handful of small approved seed plots where growers
arrive on set days to cut their own seed cane by hand. In a relatively short period of time
the demand for large quantities of whole stalk and billet material has grown rapidly. To
meet this demand clean seed distribution plots have grown to four times the size they
were less than a decade ago. Finding large suitable blocks with access to dedicated billet
planters and harvesters has been a big challenge for HCPSL, which is where our
arrangement with QCAR has numerous advantages.

Why is HCPSL working with QCAR?
QCAR has offered to source and manage the land and machinery for our clean seed
distribution plot in the Ingham Line area. In return, HCPSL will do what we have always
done by supplying approved seed material from our mother plot as well as coordinating
and managing the distribution of clean seed material to growers.

Does this mean some growers will be treated differently?
There will be no changes to the way growers can access seed cane material from the
Ingham Line clean seed distribution plot, nor will there be different fees charged to
different growers. There will be no change to the way HCPSL distributes clean seed
material to our growers.

HCPSL’s commitment to our growers
HCPSL is always looking at new and novel ways to deliver premium services to our
members. In recent times this has included access to tissue culture, as well as providing
new and improved methods for on-farm RSD testing. Due to increased demand HCPSL is
also searching for new and improved ways to deliver clean seed material to growers.
Working with QCAR is just one of a few new concepts HCPSL is exploring.

In summary, HCPSL would like to reassure growers we are committed to continuing to
take the lead role in coordinating and managing the distribution of clean seed material
while providing the same high level of service to all our members.

If you’d like further information please contact the HCPSL office on 47761808.


Adam Royle – Manager