Hinchinbrook organisations collaborate to deliver Haul Out Training course

Together with the Hinchinbrook Chamber of Commerce Industry & Tourism, Farm Safe Queensland, QITE, Happy Days Training, Wilmar and HCPSL worked together to deliver the Cane Haul Out Operators course last week.

The course covered various aspects of harvesting and cane haul out operations. Information delivered in the course included – Workplace Health and Safety, cane siding induction, safe working near powerlines, pest and disease management, cane haul out operation and equipment maintenance, as well as basic harvester operational maintenance. The training also allowed participants to gain valuable hands-on experience and skills in the overall operations of the cane haul out processes. With the commencement of billet planting operations, participants were provided the opportunity to train with harvesters cutting cane, gaining valuable experience in readiness for immediate employment.

Congratulations to the twelve individuals who successfully completed the 5-day course and who are now eager to put these skills to work in the local industry. The training organisation will continue to work with the candidates for a period when they obtain jobs in the agriculture sector.

These graduates are out and abound now looking for jobs in the industry, so give them some consideration.