HCPSL Grower Board Election Results


The votes have been counted for the 2023 HCPSL Grower Board elections.

Four candidates contested the 2023 HCPSL Grower Board elections, to fill the 3 positions on the HCPSL Board.

The results of the election are as follows:

Gino Zatta-                  79 votes

Michael Pisano-          72 votes

Greg Erkkila-               66 votes

Anthony Girgenti-       55 votes

Number of informal votes- 3

Gino Zatta, Michael Pisano and Greg Erkkila are the 3 growers elected to the HCPSL Board.

HCPSL would like to thank all growers who nominated for the election.

These three growers will be joined on the Board with the 3 Mill appointed Board members:

  • Ian Davies
  • Peter Larsen
  • Cameron Barber

A special thanks to our outgoing Board members: Nicole Butler (Miller Board member) and Michael Waring (Grower Board member) (who did not seek re-election) for their dedication and years of service to the company.

The vote count was supervised by Peter Timms (HCPSL Commercial Services Manager) as the Returning Officer and independent observers / vote counters Greg Shannon (Tully Sugar Productivity Manager) and Peter Sutherland (Tully Cane Productivity Services Manager).

The new Board will be installed on the 28th of March 2023.

Signed: Peter Timms, HCPSL Commercial Services Manager.